'Reader, you and I are both sailing the same mysterious waters. We’re born,
and from that moment we carry inside ourselves a little hologram of the sky.
As long as we live, it resonates with the rhythms of planets and tides, stars and seasons.
That hologram is our life. Its breath is the breathing of an intelligent, conscious universe’

Steven Forrest

Through Evolutionary Astrology my intention is to help you gain better awareness of yourself and your possibilities without avoiding any reference to the challenges you have to face. Based on my faith that each person has not only inner strength but also the inner freedom to choose, I use the natal chart as a symbolic map with meaning that helps me guide and support you through a process of change and transformation. I honor the idea that each one of us is consciously capable of going beyond any past wounding of the Soul and opening the Self to new possibilities by embracing his/her potential.