‘When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be’.

Dane Rudhyar

Evolutionary Astrology is a branch of Astrology that deals with the Soul and its Evolution- it is in other words a spiritual path that delineates the Soul’s evolutionary intention throughout life’s journey.

This path combines modern psychology -which describes a person’s inner world with its momentum and potential- and ancient metaphysics which introduce the idea that the Soul is immortal and eternal. There is in other words a part within each one of us that is immortal and is learning lessons from lifetime to lifetime. Consequently, according to Evolutionary Astrology’s perspective, our natal chart isn’t random at all, but it stems from unresolved issues –mainly emotional ones that are stored within us- and which are somehow reflected in our present circumstances. They make themselves felt in today’s time in order to be experienced and healed.

My orientation has always been a metaphysical one. There was no need for anybody to persuade me, nor to prove it to me with mathematics. It goes without saying that we can’t really know about the existence of past lives. This needs a ‘leap of faith’ in order to be accepted, unless you have a personal experience or a very strong intuition. In any case it is very difficult to explain rationally and scientifically a field that isn’t scientific. Therefore, the evidence is limited in the collection, recording and classification of people’s experience, which someone chooses either to accept or reject. However, the analysis of a natal chart with the method of Evolutionary Astrology works equally well with someone accepting the fact that we are talking about our early childhood experiences or even our parental DNA.

Τhe main idea behind the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology is not only love for human beings, it is mainly love for their own distinctness. The core message Evolutionary Astrology brings forward is each person’s uniqueness and the respect for the path each person has chosen in life. Evolutionary Astrology personalizes and individualizes the forms through which the Universe manifests and we are all forms of this individuation process. Its main purpose is to help the person understand which obstacles or limitations his psyche ‘carries over’ in this life that may need to mature or change as well as which choices he can make in order to help himself evolve and grow. Last but not least, it stresses the fact that the degree of consciousness we bring into the decisions we make in our lives is of paramount importance in shaping the energy that is reflected in our birth chart. 


According to Evolutionary Astrology:

  • Our current personalities and circumstances stem from priorconditioning or experiences and are reflected in our birth chart


  • What reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime is consciousness and whatever memories we carry are stored in our emotional          memory not in our intellectual one


  • Our natal chart gives clues that reflect our prior conditioning but it also shows the path of higher possibilities in our life


Through the Evolutionary Astrology:

  • We can become more aware of our psycho-spiritual evolution


  • We can better understand the meaning and purpose of particular circumstances and events in our life (Why did they happen? What was the lesson behind them?)


  • We can interpret these circumstances more holistically and thus regain a sense of meaning in life as well as the sense that we can go beyond them and mature