‘We create our destiny by building our character in response to what life presents us with. Every life is a unique path to its own home’.

Elizabeth Spring

Hi! My name’s Maria Kontou and I welcome you to my astrological site! My engagement with the craft of Astrology and the decoding of its own language started many years ago mainly because of my interest in human beings. Observing human behavior has always been something that aroused my interest. This intensified when I realized that there is a connection between our inner world and that of outer reality and that we are all on a journey with the purpose to expand our consciousness.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (D.F.Astrols) and I have specialized in Evolutionary Astrology with one of the best teachers, Mark Jones. I have also attended seminars with the wonderful Steven Forrest.

My desire is to share the knowledge I received with the intention to help you acquire a more objective view of your subjective reality. I would also like to assist you in healing your past traumas through better realizing them and in recognizing your potential so that you can make more conscious choices that support your Soul’s growth.

Last but not least, I have also graduated from the Department of English Studies at the University of Athens and I hold an MA in Contemporary Literary Studies from the University of Lancaster, UK.