One of the main elements when analyzing a Horoscope – besides the Lights, that is the Sun and the Moon- is the Ascendant. Imagine that if the Sun shows our life path and the Moon that which makes us happy and content, the Ascendant is the filter through which such info passes. We could say that it is the vehicle somebody uses to reach his destination or a stained glass through which the light comes acquiring the color of the glass it passes through. Any planets on or close to the Ascendant will color it with the aura they bring.

The notion of the Ascendant identifies with what Jung named the ‘persona’, a mask in other words that we put on playing many diverse roles in our everyday life depending on the situation. It is a series of social skills which when embodied in our personality, we can more easily adapt to the surroundings and lead our self to completion and individuation.

An Aries Ascendant needs to learn how to claim in skillful ways and how to move beyond fear, which is its main opponent. What others see in him is a person with the air of honesty, sincerity and dynamism that dares to say things as they truly are, but who needs to be careful so as not to become egocentric and aggressive.

In order for a Taurus Ascendant to realize its evolutionary purposes it needs to take things easy and to try and stay grounded and in contact with its inner centre no matter what happens around him. Taurus Ascendant needs to be aware of his bodily needs and be comfortable with what he is. What others see in him is naturalness, simplicity, however it needs not become stubborn and inflexible.

When I have a Gemini Ascendant, I become someone who radiates the surprise he feels from life, who is open minded and curious at the same time. I need to constantly widen the basis of my knowledge and what others discern in me is an air of youth, energy and vitality. Still, there is no need for a Gemini Ascendant to always talk as if he has the absolute knowledge or as if he’s making a very big revelation.

With Cancer on the Ascendant, there’s the need to evolve participating in life as a healer of soul, mind and body. He must not fear life and the pain it entails; on the contrary he must look for and cultivate family bonds and support. Cancer Ascendant looks shy, sensitive, caring, as long as it doesn’t end up being reserved and non-existent.

Leo on the Ascendant gives someone the opportunity to take center stage in life and claim his self-expression. He needs to gather the experience, training and all skills needed that will help the person stand out and be unique. What others see in him is someone who radiates confidence and authority regardless if this is true or not. As an approach to life he should avoid any sense of superiority together with the fear to reveal his personality.  

A Virgo Ascendant very much relates to service towards others through a meaningful work for him. In other words this Ascendant needs to find and cultivate all these skills that are essential to him, but they are also useful to other people. What stands out through the Virgoan prism is seriousness and the ability as well as the willingness to be of help to others. When these things aren’t cultivated there only remains a façade that is overly anxious and fixed to details.

A Libra Ascendant needs to cultivate alliances with other people that balance him, thus he needs diplomacy, friendliness and presenting himself in an attractive way. Very often others see in him someone with whom they can share common things and a person who is nice and becomes easily likeable. There is no need to exaggerate when it comes to his appearance or showing off as someone who is always good and kind.

When I have a Scorpio Ascendant I have honesty and emotional intensity as my shield, but there’s no need for me to apologize about that. Without being necessary to impose my thoughts and perceptions on anybody, I recognize that I can’t have a surface approach to reality that is why I often become a receiver of many confessions. What others discern in me is truth and a tendency to go deep into things. There’s no need to fall into extremely dark, negative or judging views.

Sagittarius on the Ascendant gives the person an attitude towards constant learning and exploration. In order for a Sagittarius Ascendant to achieve his evolutionary purposes the person needs to see life as an adventure, to travel and to choose to live according to his principles. The Sagittarian aura has something philosophical about it, something colorful and what others see in the person is openness to life, as long as the person doesn’t become judging and dogmatic.

Capricorn Ascendant has the ability to make any effort needed in order to achieve what he wants, he has the discipline and likes starting things by himself, this Ascendant is the definition of self-sufficiency. He can do things practically and effectively. What others see in him is seriousness or even strictness which if not managed may become control and authority over others.

Aquarius Ascendant needs to follow his instincts and independence, no matter where they lead him, because he is somehow destined to think and act out of the box. When he is consistent towards his evolutionary goals, he doesn’t need anyone’s approval, thus he mustn’t let other people’s pressure to affect his life’s choices and purpose. Others discern something unusual and strange in his energetic field, an independence that must be controlled so as not to become emotional detachment and lack of getting in touch with true feeling.

Pisces Ascendant needs to prioritize the expansion of its inner life and maximize its creativity mainly through contact with dreams, any form of art as well as through silence and quietness. Pisces Ascendant is receptive and flexible and can play various roles. What others see in him is sensitivity, romanticism, kindness and something that is mysterious and elusive. It needs not let receptivity affect him psychologically and make him devoid of the joy of participating in life.




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