On the 12th April 2022 planet Jupiter – the traditional ruler of Pisces- meets the modern ruler of Pisces Neptune in the water sign of Pisces at the 24° degree. This conjunction is not a rare phenomenon by itself if we think that Jupiter makes a full rotation around the Zodiac in about 12 years, thus once in 12 -13 years Jupiter meets Neptune -that moves a lot more slowly-  depending on where Neptune is at the moment. Last time these two met was in 2009 in an air sign and in particular at the 23° of Aquarius.

The reason why this conjunction is worth mentioning at the moment is the fact that both Jupiter and Neptune are rulers of Pisces and they meet inside the sign they rule for the first time since 1856! This conjunction has already been felt since January and it reaches its peak in April 2022. Then Jupiter gradually moves away in order to enter the sign of Aries. It retrogrades back into Pisces around the end of October till the 20th of December making a less tight conjunction with Neptune in November 2022. I mention these two periods in order to point out that whatever new beginning or inner shift may occur in April, it will take its full form or be completed within November 2022.  

Let’s see however what Jupiter Neptune and Pisces symbolize and what’s the meaning of this conjunction for all of us collectively. Pisces relates to psychic experiences as well as to the transcendent element. It finds meaning to whatever belongs to a realm out of the ordinary, such as that of dreams, spirituality and intuition. For that reason silence or prayer help Pisces to be in contact with their inner self and to feature their creativity. It is also a sign that evolves when it gets rid of the burdens that it carries by showing compassion, understanding and receptivity.

Planet Jupiter symbolizes our growth and how we can personally expand.  The place it lies in our natal chart calls us to wonder which experiences are helpful for us so that we can have faith in ourselves and claim something more. Jupiter stands for opportunities, joy, a sense of abundance as well as the sense that we may have underestimated our self and we are worth of having a victory.  Its connection to Pisces comes through the notion of ‘no boundaries’ and the Piscean attempt to embrace the whole of existence reflecting in this way Jupiter’s exuberant nature.

On the other hand Neptune – as the modern ruler of Pisces – identifies with the water sign through self-sacrifice and the spiritual element. The Great Mystic asks us tο focus on our inner world leaving behind anything that is not necessary for our growth in order for us to freely walk the path of spirituality and unity with the universe.

As both planets meet in conjunction in April 2022 they call us to drop anything inessential for our journey (Neptune) and to claim something better for ourselves (Jupiter) so that we can grow spiritually (Pisces). For each one of us this occurs in a different realm of life. In the life area that it occurs we can pose ourselves the following questions: How could we ‘surrender’, dropping all expectations?  In what do we need to believe more so that we can actively claim it?

As far as the darker side of this aspect is concerned we need to point out that when we are not conscious – in other words when we don’t have conscious thoughts that help us be more aware of the situations- then the energy of the conjunction tends to manifest as the wrong path we took due to some visible and invisible enemies. Who are they? When it comes to Jupiter, it is pomposity, believing in other words that we can obtain more than we can handle or that we can be so sure about our success that trapped in our ego we pass by the opportunities without taking advantage of them. As for Neptune, self-sacrifice can become our enemy, in particular when we have other people’s benefit as a constant excuse. Thus we sacrifice something that is very important for our spiritual journey or we tend to escape from the things we owe to do for our spiritual growth.

We are all facing a possibility for a ‘leap in consciousness’ at this time having the potential to choose to exploit this opportunity in the best of ways. What choice we make is always on us. If there’s a conscious use of this energy we will see that almost from the end of this year and on we will have conquered the next step in our spiritual journey. Needless to say that what we conquer is something that stays with us- it becomes not only part of us but also our heritage.

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