One of the distinctions of the twelve signs is based on the element they belong to. The four basic elements in the Ancient Greek Philosophy – from which the universe emerged as they believed- is Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Very often when we look at a natal chart we see either a balance between the elements or some element that dominates or even an absence of an element. Different combinations give different types of people.


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to the Fire signs. Fire as an element is connected with life itself, with faith and optimism. When Fire is dominant as an element it gives openness, courage to face life and inspiration, a vision for the future. Fire co-creates, it has the need to manifest and it urges the world into action and change. Its energy is positive, active and dynamic. When it is absent from a chart the person could possibly have a lack of trust in his abilities and in life in general, he may be scared or he may not be bold and confident enough to get inspiration from life’s possibilities.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn belong to the Earth signs. The basic characteristic we connect the Earth signs to is practicality, but it isn’t the only one. When the Earth is dominant in a chart, there is quiet strength, reliability and willingness to fight with life’s difficulties. Earth is persistent as a nature and it has cohesion and continuity. The person with strong Earth in his horoscope is very well attuned with his body and its needs, he lives according the nature’s changes and cycles and as a grounded person he can face everything that occurs with prudence and patience.  When the element of Earth is absent from a natal chart the person has difficulty in adjusting to reality and very often there are issues with food and the energy we take from it as well as a difficulty to persist in demanding situations.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Air signs. The basic characteristic of Air is the intellect and the world of ideas. When the Air element is dominant in a chart there is a need to communicate and to relate to others. The person with a lot of Air in his chart is usually sociable, with a sophisticated aura, refined and with a strong logic. He can easily detach from what’s going on and understand both himself and others being objective. When the Air element is absent from a chart, the person has difficulty in expressing his ideas and opinions, tends toward a more introvert existence and he is very subjective in his perception. He may also have difficulty with abstract thought and with verbal expression.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs.  Water is connected to feelings and to psychic sensitivity. When the Water element dominates, there is discretion and receptivity. A person with a strong water element in his chart is insightful, protective and he has a strong imagination.  He is very easily attuned to all forms of non- verbal communication and he can retain pictures, memories and feelings in his mind. The person who lacks water in his chart has a lot of difficulty in expressing his feelings or he may feel awkward when encountered with strong feeling expressions; he either avoids, represses or he is bothered by them. Occasionally, he may have a cold or detached face and he may suffer from psychosomatic reactions, a sign that he has repressed his feelings.  


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