The Zodiac Wheel symbolizes consciousness. The twelve signs are nothing more than the energy that governs the whole of experience and they show us the way this consciousness is built. How the signs’ energies interact show us the way we experience and validate life, which is different for each one of us. 


The first sign Aries coincides with the Spring Equinox. Like Spring with blossoming, it symbolizes the beginning of the cycle of life. It is a cardinal, fire sign and it has male energy. In the Aries archetype there exists action. There is the need to act autonomously, based on my personal initiative, the need to act by myself without letting any fear influence me.  Aries is the warrior that goes into fight and has to show courage and strength in order to survive. In the same way Aries brings into life a kind of energy that tends to spread from the centre of existence outwards and is synonymous to the power of will. On a lower vibration Aries can become egocentric, angry, it can also be competitive and without tact or it may want to show off his personal strength.  


Taurus, the second sign is a fixed sign as it corresponds to the middle of the spring season. It is an earth sign and its energy is female. The energy now after being outwardly dispersed, it turns inwards towards the centre again. Within the archetype of Taurus there is contact with Mother Earth and with our senses. There is the need to attune to my body and to act calmly and patiently creating greater safety. Within this framework I can be stable and appreciate myself more. The energy of Taurus is harmonized with the earth spirit, the spirit of creativity and peace and that of inner stillness. On a lower vibration, Taurus can become extremely materialistic and greedy, while its stubbornness and his fear of change may lead him to stagnation.


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and it is mutable, because it signifies – as all mutable signs do – the passage from one season to another. It is an air sign and it has male energy. The Gemini archetype is relative to perception, thought and communication. The energy now turns outwards again and it seeks for information. When I embody the Gemini archetype I am something like a collector of experiences. There is α need to be curious, to ask, to learn, to observe and to transfer thoughts and ideas. Speech and the mental realm are of paramount importance for the Gemini, as leaving the mind stagnant is something contrary to their nature. Instead driving the mind towards a broader perspective through constant interaction is what matters the most. On a lower vibration, Gemini can become quite superficial in this continuous search for information, can easily feel bored, can be quite moody and unpredictable and can also suffer from nervous tension as a result of stressing the mind.


Cancer, the next sign is cardinal and it signifies the beginning of summer. It is a water sign with female energy. At this point, consciousness turns inwards and builds a protective shield from the outer world looking for the answers into its subjectivity. The Cancerian Archetype is related to maternal feelings and the inner life. Here I have the need to help, to heal and to be supportive towards the self and others. The world of Cancer is that of feelings, of vivid imagination and instinct, a world of devotion and romanticism that focuses on the inner life and the familiar.  Cancer needs to interact with the outer world protecting it at the same time and trusting that which the universe has to offer. On a lower vibration, the energy of Cancer may become stifling, due to overwhelming protection that makes others suffocate. Cancer can also become manipulative, extremely insecure and attached.  


Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac is a fixed one as it belongs to the middle of the summer, being a fire sign with male energy. From Cancer’s introversion we now have a turning outwards once more, because the Lion’s energy has the need for expression. Lion needs to assert who it really is, its personality. Here, archetypically, I have the need to bring my creative impetus and gifts out, to play and enjoy life. Within the Leo archetype there is the ego’s evolution, how I function within everything that happens in line with myself. Heart, generosity and positive outlook on life are characteristic of the Leo energy together with the need to lead, to be confident and to dramatize the events in order to get inspiration for the future. On a lower vibration Leo can become overbearing and tyrannical, can tend towards melodrama and can be in constant need for attention to the extent that if it doesn’t get it, it withers.  


Virgo, the sixth sign leads us exactly to the middle of the Zodiac. As a mutable sign, it symbolizes the passage from the summer to the autumn. It is an Earth sign with female energy. Within the Virgo archetype there is modesty, practical service as well as the need to be driven by an ideal. It is an ideal that will help Virgo exercise her abilities with patience and will drive it to wholeness. Virgo is driven by the desire to perfect itself. Here I am realistic and I have an honest appreciation of what is happening as well as precision usually expressed through work and service towards others. Virgo is the practical healer, organized, methodical and conscientious. On a lower vibration the energy of Virgo can become judgmental, analytical and overly logical with a tendency to be always right. There is also susceptibility towards melancholy and doubt together with a fear of illness.  


Libra is the first of the next six signs that complete the Zodiac. In the first six signs consciousness is expressed through the more personal and subjective, while from Libra onwards there is a shift towards more social realms where understanding of the others’ experience plays a more important role. Libra as a cardinal sign initiates the passage into autumn and it is an air sign with male energy. Within the Libra archetype there is diplomacy and the reconciliation of the opposites. Here I have the need to relate to others appreciating their perspective without losing mine.  The journey of Libra becomes a continuous attempt to find inner harmony and peace. This endeavor demands hard work because it is very difficult to co-exist without compromising the essence. Aesthetics and the creation of beautiful surroundings are inextricably linked to Libra, because they contribute to its having calmness and peace. Libra knows that the whole is comprised by parts. Libra seeks these parts as well as its inner fulfillment through relating to others. On a lower vibration, Libra can become vain, can compromise too easily, can avoid anger because of the fear of conflict and can also put a strong emphasis on status.


Scorpio that corresponds in time with the middle of autumn is a fixed water sign and consists of female energy. Within the Scorpio archetype there is mystery and the power of metamorphosis. Here I have a strong will, I have the need to be intense, to feel what strength is and I seek to transform myself through bonding deeply with another. Scorpio will act based on deep and intense feelings and not on logic. Sex and Death are two of the realms that it is attracted to, because both of them trigger intense emotions. Introspection suits the Scorpionic consciousness, because whatever is hidden on a deep psychological level, such as fear, passion, anger etc can be brought up in surface and learn to live with it. Scorpio is resourceful, penetrative and can not only magnetize but it can also self-analyse, something which is necessary for his evolution. On a lower vibration, Scorpio can easily become very possessive, jealous, secretive and revengeful, because it can’t easily forget. Scorpio has also a lack of trust and tends toward fanaticism.


Sagittarius shows us the passage from autumn to winter.  It is a mutable fire sign with male energy. After the deep Scorpionic waters consciousness once more turns outwards and seeks to expand in new horizons. Within the Sagittarian archetype there is the Philosopher, the eternal seeker. Here I have the need to seek for truth and for life’s meaning. I have the need to be open to all theories and possibilities, as well as to find an ideal that will give purpose and direction to my life. Long distance travels and mind travels motivate Sagittarius to perceive reality holistically, to live life as an adventure and to have faith. His love for nature and animals gives Sagittarius the open space and the personal freedom it needs to operate without limitations that suffocate it. On a lower vibration, Sagittarius is afraid of commitment, can become impatient, non-realistic and overly anxious. It can also become dogmatic and preach acting as an all-knower.


Capricorn closes the circle of the cardinal signs initiating the passage into winter. It is an earth sign with female energy which shows a turn inwards in other words. The Capricorn Archetype relates to the Loner and the Hermit. Here I have the need to be sufficient without having others’ approval concerning how I am going to act or feel. The internal loneliness of Capricorn leads it to stand outside in the world looking for practical supports, social recognition and material power. Capricorn needs a social role through which it will express its interests andambitions. Capricorn energy is disciplined and focused on goals and professional life and it has a wisdom that matures as time goes by. Responsibility, duty, hard work, self-control and patience are all the essence of Capricorn in its journey to obtain mastery and become the best version of itself. On a lower vibration Capricorn can become rigid, harsh and fixed on the past, while also be overly ambitious and materialistic. It can also be pessimistic, overly-strict and a formalist.


Aquarius, the penultimate sign of the Zodiac is a fixed air sign with male energycorresponding to the middle of winter. Within the Aquarius archetype there is freedom, individuality and non-compromise. Here I have the need to be open-minded, inventive, idealist, progressive and equal with others. The mind, comprehension, the ideas that address the whole community and stem from team effort are very important for Aquarius. Objectivity and a rebellious spirit are essential elements of the Aquarian perception together with its unconventional disposition. Aquarius embodies the future, humanism and progress breaking the rules, while consciousness here acquires tremendous insight attracting information from the collective unconscious. On a lower vibration Aquarius can become extremely impersonal, cold and detached based only on its own logic. Aquarius has also the tendency to become a rebel without cause showing a radical behavior without any tolerance.


The last sign that closes the Zodiac is Pisces. It is a water sign with female energy and it is mutable, since it shows the passage from winter to spring so that a new cycle starts again within the flow of life when the Sun enters Aries.  Archetypically, Pisces is linked to intuition and the spiritual element.  The Piscean consciousness includes elements from all pre existing signs and it synthesizes them into a whole, in a way that at last Pisces itself becomes a symbol of consciousness. Here I have the need to meditate, to visualize life with the Soul’s eyes and to bring my creative inspirations out to the world. The inner world and the fantasy of Pisces urge them to see things through the lens of emotion and romanticism as well as to forgive and show compassion for all the creations of the universe. Piscean language is one of dreams, music, poetry and spiritualism. On a lower vibration Pisces may seek to escape reality or it seeks to ‘numb’ emotion with substances and alcohol so as not to feel the emotional pain. Also, there may be the tendency to victimize itself and be fearful, because Pisces is not practical. That is why it can sometimes be dominated by self-pity and slip into playing the martyr. 

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