Each one of us has got a personality and a physical body with which we experience life.   Through this personality we have a specific journey to take during which we undergo many challenges in our work, in relationships, in health issues that function as learning experiences in the school of Earth. Our personality or personal Ego can’t transcend this life. It is over with the death of our physical body.

The Soul on the other hand is eternal. The Soul is pure consciousness that isn’t altered by time. It has its own identity and as it transcends this and all lives it manifests each time through a different personality as it continues its journey throughout time. Apart from immortal and transcendental, the Soul is perfect, it is pure light and pure love. It is also the essence of our spiritual energy, the centre of truth that lies within us, completely out of relationship with the outer world. In moments of absolute silence we can try to hear it and listen to its dictates.

The Soul holds the key for our personality’s evolution. The experience that the Soul comes across is characterized as neither bad nor good, it is characterized as neutral from its own point of view. This energy appears as a field of possibilities in our natal chart, which also describes a deeper pattern of spiritual growth – if we chose to follow it- so as to merge at some point with the Source getting to know all there is.

The Personality we have in this life, the persona we call ‘myself’ usually speaks using an ‘I’. It makes negative judgments, it is reaction-driven, it is influenced, and it includes all senses, thoughts, moralities, values and family history of each one of us. The Soul on the other hand speaks through symbols, dreams, the unconscious and it provides us with the tools we need to reach our destination. It’s the Soul that creates the broader plan for us, a reflection of which is our natal chart.

Most of the times, our personality’s desires are different from the Soul’s desires. The point here is for us to be conscious so that we can understand the Souls’ path and be willing enough to follow it. The analysis of a natal chart which delineates all the dynamics and the potential of the person through space and time it can help us acquire insight, so that we can make choices that are more conscious and express the best version of what we can really become.

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